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**  st. francis de sales degree college, HEBBAGODI, Bangalore  **





To provide a center of excellence for a holistic formation of the young who are capable of both transforming themselves and of acting as catalysts of transformation in the society so as to become the epitomes of efficiency, in mastering their life-situations and building a progressive and secular nation.



  • To impart quality higher education and to offer professional skills.

  • To inculcate cultural and moral values.

  • To foster faith in God, to motivate service orientation, and to strengthen humanism


St. Francis de Sales College has been instituted in June 2004 with the motto Excellence, Transformation and Efficiency. The College is affiliated to Bangalore University. The College meets fittingly and fully all the educational requirements particularly of the backward classes and the less privileged sections of the rural belt of Bangalore. Currently there are 500 students enrolled into five different streams of study, namely, B.A., B.Com., B.B.M., B.C.A., and B.Sc.


The college stands on the firm faith that the, true education is directed towards the formation of the human person in view of their ultimate goal in life and the good of the society. Hence, the young are formed to strive for excellence, and become integrated persons, who take responsibility to build a just society - humane world. Accordingly the programmes both curricular and co-curricular are designed to realize the vision of the college. The College has initiated associations of every department to ensure an adequate exposure required for the young students to become confident, independent and skilful to handle themselves responsibly and to orient themselves towards reaching the greater heights and become the future leaders. The existing Associations in the College are; Social Service League, Chaucer's English Academy, HALCYON ACADEMY (Psychology), FLAIR PRESS (Journalism), CYBER GEEKS (Computer Science), DeSMA (Management), ACME (Commerce), and various LANGUAGE ASSOCIATIONS.


SFS College is a centre of empowerment to form the young to counter the evil forces in the society and to become catalysts of liberation from social, economic and gender inequalities, and to combat against the evils of communalism, regionalism, casteism, racism, tribalism, and consumerism; and to uphold and promote biocentrism. Hence, the Desalite, (a student of SFS College) is constantly reminded to radiate the Salesian virtue of Joyful Optimism, and deeply acknowledge and respect the coexistence of other persons/faiths/ cultures.


The Benchmark of SFS College during the academic year 2008-09 was Intercollegiate Cultural Fest and Basketball tournament. SFS Degree College organized a basketball tournament under the title RIM-REAPERS, on the 4th and the 5th of October 2008 at the SFS sports complex. Olympian Sabu Varkey inaugurated the tournament. It was a unique venture to facilitate an inter-face between industry and curriculum. The tournament attracted the participation of twenty-one teams from the industry and the colleges. Some of the big names from the industry include Infosys, Wipro and Patni. The tournament was well appreciated by all the participating teams, for its meticulous planning and excellent organizational skills with a touch of professionalism. To a great extend, it has helped to carry the name of the 'Desalite family' beyond the limits of Electronics city. In the final match, an edge of the seat thriller, Baldwin Methodist Degree College defeated Wipro India for six points to be the winners of RIM-REAPERS 2008. The print media was too enthusiastic to carry the story about the final match on the following day, as it marked the clash of titans. Rev. Fr. Roy Plathottam distributed the cash prize and the trophies for the winners of the tournament. The success of the tournament is a combined effort made by all the staff and the students of SFS Degree College, under the inspirational guidance of Rev. Fr. Anthony Swamy, the principal.


Razzmatazz at SFS Degree College

SFS Degree College organized an intercollegiate fest under the title Razzmatazz, on the 20th and 21st of March 2009 at SFS Degree College in association with Suvidya College. Dr. S. Suresh, the director of CIT, Tumkur, inaugurated the fest. It was a successful venture initiated to facilitate an interface between various colleges. The fest attracted participation from over 500 students of 25 colleges across Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The competitions were held for over 30 events and all the events were well participated. The major attractions of the fest, Style Check, Frisk Factor, Adaptune, Mad Ads, and Brain Racking competitions invited most number of participation and each of these events created an electrifying atmosphere in the auditorium. Rev. Fr. Anthony Swamy, the principal and Rev. Fr. Manu, the principal in-charge, gave the winners cash awards and certificates. Rev. Dr. Jolly Chakkalackal, the President of Suvidya College, concluded the programmes with the release of Resonance, a yearly magazine from the department of management. For the management and the staff at SFS College it was an exciting experience to resonate leadership skills to create effective teams and highly motivated individuals to make possible Razzmatazz, an exciting, noisy and showing fest true to its name. At the end of the day the winner was SFS Degree College not for the number of competitions it won but for the daring step it has taken to organize a programme of such glamour and show. As the curtains were brought down the only name that resounded the atmosphere was SFS…. Long Live SFS


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